Saturday, April 30 @ 4:10 pm, Levitation Tent

Purveyors of what they call “weird punk,” Nots are a Memphis, Tennessee foursome who lay out fast, simple, aggressive tunes fortified with jagged guitar runs, atonal electronics, and disorienting layers of reverb. Nots were formed in 2011 by guitarist Natalie Hoffmann and drummer Charlotte Watson; Hoffman initially served double duty with Nots and Ex-Cult before making Nots her main musical commitment, while Watson was a veteran of the Manatees. Hoffman and Watson originally played out as a two-piece, but soon expanded to a trio with the addition of bassist Madison Farmer, whose résumé included stints with Chain & the Gang and Toxie. Nots released their debut 7″ single, “Dust Red,” on Memphis’ celebrated garage-centric indie label Goner Records in October 2103. A bit more than a year later, Nots dropped their first full-length album, We Are Nots; by this time, the band had grown into a quartet, with Alexandra Eastburn on keyboards. ~ Mark Deming