The music of the legendary Spacemen 3 recently landed on streaming services, and to celebrate we asked our resident spaceman Christian Bland to put together an essential playlist from the band’s discography. Listen here:


“From their gear (Vox guitars/and Fender Jaguars) to their song writing style, Spacemen 3 is a key ingredient in the style of music I play, and the kind of music that inspires me to play. Spacemen 3 create psyched-out gospel hymns, drenched in fuzz and reverb. The songs are pulsating, throbbing, driving spirituals that hypnotize through repetition, perfect for meditation or riding around town for no other reason than to get lost in their music. Often covered by Christian Bland & The Revelators,  here’s my list of 13 essential songs (for their love of the 13th Floor Elevators) by the great Spacemen 3. Made to be played at extreme volumes.” – Christian Bland


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